Jewish Heritage Tour Guides

Jewish Morocco Tour Book by Tour Guide Raphy Elmaleh and George Ricketts

The only Jewish Moroccan tour guide is Raphy Elmaleh (, or +212 661-312673 – Tzadikim Tours). He works for many tour companies and Jewish institutions as well as for private groups.

Youssef Safine with Brooklyn Yeshiva Students in Marrakesh

Several other Moroccan Muslim tour guides have developed an expertise in Jewish Moroccan history and culture. One of them, Youssef Safine, speaks fluent Hebrew and calls himself “Jewish Morocco Tour Guide.” His posts and photos are at and You can reach him at or +212 700-757001.

In addition, academics from Israel, Europe and North America occasionally lead Moroccan Jewish heritage tours.

Visitors on Jewish-themed trips to Morocco will be guided by these specialists. Individual travelers may wish to reach out to Raphy or Youssef to see if they are available or can recommend other guides. Members of general tour groups may ask their guides to take them to specific Jewish sites or visit them in their time off.

Diarna has posted to YouTube several of Raphy’s guided visits to Jewish sites. Here are some of them: