Fez Jewish Life and Sites

See Einat Levi’s marvelous website for 360 degree and virtual reality views of Fez synagogues and the Medina.


Ibn Danaan Synagogue

Slat al Fassiyin Synagogue

Bensadoun Synagogue

Em Habanim School/Museum

See Diarna’s great site for locations, photos and description of the Jewish cemetery, Slat al Saba, Sylvain Levi school, AIU Benosillo school, Em Habanim school, Ibn Danaan synagogue, and Slat al Fassiyin.

Entrance to Synagogue Bensadoun
Synagogue Bensadoun Ark
Entrance to Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
Buildings Surrounding Cemetery
Tomb of a Victim of the 1912 Jewish Mellah Pillage
Maimonides Jewish Community Center
Ibn Danaan Synagogue Restoration Sign
Ibn Danaan Synagogue
Elderly Man in Synagogue – Fez
Courtesy of Viva (Suzy Arama)