Morocco is Beginning to Reopen for Tourism

Beginning on June 15, 2021, the Government of Morocco will once again allow international passengers to fly in and out of the country’s airports. While the main purpose is to allow Moroccans living abroad to vacation in Morocco during the summer, the rules also allow non-Moroccan citizens to enter Morocco if they have a vaccinationContinue reading “Morocco is Beginning to Reopen for Tourism”

Moroccan Jews at the Miami Jewish Film Festival

For two weeks beginning on April 14, 2021, the Miami Jewish Film Festival is streaming two new films about Moroccan Jews, both about Moroccan Jewish music. One, “Raymonde El Bidaouia,” deals with the life of Moroccan-Israeli musician Raymonde and the other, “In Your Eyes, I See My Country,” explores the visit of Moroccan-Israeli musicians NetaContinue reading “Moroccan Jews at the Miami Jewish Film Festival”

Hitler Purim and Megillat Hitler

The Jewish community of Casablanca declared the day of the November 8, 1942 Allied liberation “Hitler Purim,” and a local scribe, P. Hassine, created the “Megillat Hitler.” The seven chapters of the scroll poignantly blend the flavor of the tale of ancient Persia with the amazing stroke of fortune that the Jews of Casablanca hadContinue reading “Hitler Purim and Megillat Hitler”